Share your music with me

My goal for this blog is to get people connected through their interests and talents in music. If you have an interesting talent that involves playing an instrument , singing, and/or dancing then please email me your videos and I will blog about it and share it with others on this blog. Also, I would love to start opening up to different types of music so if you have any music to recommend to me, please share that with me. Once I listen to it, I will be sure to blog about it and tell you guys what I think. Another thing, if you are in a band or have any performances and you want to seek more audience to come and watch, please share that with me as well. I would love to help people gain more audiences for their performances and I can do that by promoting it on my blog and telling my friends. Hey, I might even come and watch your performance as well. Anyways, please contact me by writing an email to .
-love Dana and the Mighty Duck:)




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